Academic word/collocation of the week!

I have an extra whiteboard in my class and every Monday morning I write a new academic word/collocation on it which my learners have to translate into their home language. They absolutely love it and some students will automatically take out their smartphone and look the word up, as some of them might have forgotten how to say it in their own language. Others will be disappointed if their language is already represented on the board and sometimes students will start discussing the meaning of the word. It is such a simple way of introducing new vocabulary and at the end of the week I take a photo and add it to my wall display. This is a very successful international-minded activity that not only helps them achieve their academic goals but by making languages visible it contributes to a stronger sense of belonging and well-being.  And, It requires minimal effort!

!Any classroom in the world should have one of these!

Below are some examples from my classes.

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Thanks for Supporting EAL Learners


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