Teacher Training

I am available for  60-90 minute talks or workshops, or half day or full day in-service training, and plenaries or keynote talks.

Please contact me directly at Jvandenbosch@iskl.edu.my

“EAL practice in the UK is well regarded across the world, so well regarded that The EAL Academy now spends much of its time in Europe exporting that practice to schools and local authorities with multilingual populations and high numbers of newly arrived refugees. English as additional language describes what do we much better than English as a second language ever did, but does the label hinder us if we want to do the exciting things that Joris van den Bosch and others do in their multilingual classrooms?

Graham Smith, managing director of The EALacademy for the EALjournal


ECIS ESLMT Copenhagen 2017 – Innovative Use of Home Languages in the Multilingual Classroom