Multilingual Memory

If we want classrooms to be metacognitively aware of language use then our EAL learners are some of the best resources we have to achieve this

                                   Diane Leedham


Students translate target vocabulary into their home language and play memory. When a card is turned the student who speaks that language says the word in her/his language and translates it into English. When a matching pair is found, students need to describe meaning in English. When the game is finished, T hands out A3 posters with definitions of the target words on top. All students stick their home language word cards on this poster which can then be displayed around the classroom.


This doesn’t necessarily need to be played in pairs or only with EAL learners.  It is again just a fun way to incorporate home languages into our lessons with minimal effort.


  • Take away the English words to increase difficulty.
  • Turn over the English words as well and play memory finding matching trios.

Thanks for Supporting EAL Learners

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